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Shenzhen shuangyuan packaging material CO LTD Was established in September 2009 and also has a registered company in Hong Kong It is a company engaged in packaging material development and sales mainly engaged in packaging products stretching film and adhesive tape After many years of development now has the scale modernization specialized packaging material production enterprises The company has the right to import and export the production products through the EU TUV SGS and other environmental certification Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries and have good reputation at home and abroad Based on the principle of customer first quality is the principle the company has...

Categories and Products

Bopp Packaging Tape

Clear Tape

Without Bubbles BOPP Clear Transparent Adhesive Packing Tape BOPP Packing Self Adhesive Tape BOPP Packing Self Adhesive Sealing Tape BOPP Tape for Packing Carton Packing Tape 

Yellowish Tape

BOPP Acrylic Yellowish Packing Tape For Carton Sealing adhesive Bag sealing yellowish packaging bopp tape BOPP Yellowish Adhesive Packing Tape Yellowish Bopp Film Adhesive Banding Packing Tape Yellowish Bopp Adhesive Tape Wrap Packing Tape Shipping Packages Sealing BOPP Adhesive Tape Safe And Fast Packing For sealing Box Sealing Shipping Bopp/opp Packing Tape 100 Yards Clear packing tape Bopp sealing tape brown packing tape Bopp film tape carton sealing tape Waterglue Bopp tape Bopp film tape Printing packaging tape Clear packing tape 

Colorful Tape

High-quality Colorful Bopp Packing Tape For Sealing Carton sealing tape Waterglue Bopp tape Custom printed Logo Bopp Packing Tape Adhesive Tape 1000ft stretch film colorful film Black color LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film 

Printing Tape

Bopp Printing Adhesive Tape For Sealing Goods Custom Printed Bopp Hand Packaging Tape Colored Bopp Packing Tape With Company Logo Custom Printed BOPP Packing Tape With LOGO Wrapping Tape Custom Logo Printed Bopp Customized Logo And Satisfaction Guarantee Tape Bopp sealing tape Adhesive tape Custom Printing BOPP Box Sealing Packing Custom Logo Adhesive Tape with Custom BOPP Printing Custom Logo Adhesive Custom BOPP Printing Packing Tape 

Bopp Sealing Tape

Clear Packing BOPP Adhesive Tape for Carton Sealing Transparent Clear Low Noise BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape Clear Acrylic BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape 

Carton Sealing Tape

48mm Carton Sealing BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape OPP Adhesive Carton Sealing Packing Tape Brown BOPP Packaging Tape for Carton Sealing 

Packing Tape

Brown Tape Bopp Parcel Packing Tape Brown Tape Brown Bopp Parcel Packing Tape Strong Adhesion Brown Bopp Packing Tape Bopp Brown Packing Adhesive Tape Brown Tape Custom Bopp Brown Packing Tape Sticky Adhesive For A Superior Seal Tape 

Bopp Adhesive Tape

Packing Carton Packaging Bopp Self-Adhesive Tape Packing Carton Packaging Bopp Adhesive Tape Hand Bopp Clear Adhesive Tape Carton Heavy Duty Clear Shipping Packaging Tape Clear Colored Bopp Packing Tape For Packaging Super Clear Transparent Bopp Packing Tape Strong Adhesive Waterproof Yellowish Bopp Packing Tape 

LLDPE Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

LLDPE Coast Stretch Film for Wrap Pallet Quality Cast Hand Use LLDPE Stretch Film Roll FE stretch film PE hand film 22 Micron Film High Quality LLDPE Stretch Film Manual and Automatic LLDPE Stretch Wrap Plastic Film Premium LLDPE Handy Grade Stretch Film Hand Wrap Rolls Stretch Films what is stretch film used for LLDPE Stretch Wrap Transparent Plastic Film LLDPE Manual Stretch Film Packaging on Roll PE Stretch Film for Packing Pallets LLDPE Manual Pallet Wrap 20mic LLDPE packaging film from SY LLDPE Clear Hand stretch film clear wrapping film for hand use bindling stretch film for pallet windling stretch film for pallet 5 layers LLDPE stretch film Hand Using Stretch Film Plastic Wrapping roll 10-35μ Stretch Film for Package and Industry 

Machine Stretch Film

100% Pure LLDPE Material for Machine Stretch Film LLDPE Material For Machine Stretch Film Machine Stretch Wrap Film For Machine Wrap Machine Use LLDPE Pallet Wrapping Film 23 Micron Lldpe Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Hand Film stretch film Handle film Pre stretched film Machine film Pre stretched film 22 Micron Film LLDPE Stretch Film Automatic LLDPE Stretch Wrap Plastic Film Clear LLDPE Cast Stretch Film for Pallet LLDPE Stretch Film for Product Protection PE/LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film for Machine Use Machine Stretch Film Use for Pallet Wrapping Machine Grade Pallet Shrink Wrap Stretch Film Customize Cast Pallet Wrap Stretch Film DOWLEX of LLDPE for stretch film 100% Dowlex materail stretch film 80gauge stretch film wrap thickness 80ga strong clear stretch film 

Stretch Film Jumbo Roll

Stretch Jumbo Roll For Machine Wrap LLDPE LLDPE Stretch Jumbo Roll For Machine Wrap LLDPE Packing Material LLDPE Jumbo Stretch Wrap Film Clear Stretch Film Jumbo Roll Made in Shenzhen LLDPE Stretch Film Plastic Jumbo Rolls Stretch Film Hand Film Hand Film Stretch Film Clear 43kgs Stretch Film Jumbo Rolls Transparent LLDPE Jumbo Roll Machine Stretch Film 100% Virgin Material LLDPE Stretch Film Jumbo Rolls Cast LLDPE Stretch Film 100% Jumbo roll for wrap film LLDPE Roll Jumbo Stretch Film for Packaging 

Pre-stretch Film

Pre-stretch Film Easy Wrap By Hand Use Hand Pre-stretch Film For Hand Wrap 

Colorful Stretch Film

Black Color Stretch Film 18" 80 gauge Red Color LLDPE Handy Wrap Stretch Film Stretch Film Red LLDPE Stretch Film LLDPE RED Colour Stretch & Shrink Wrap Film LLDPE Black Stretch Film for Pallet Wrap Black LLDPE/ PE Stretch Wrap Film Stretch Wrap Film LLDPE Coast stretch film Black Cast LLDPE Stretch Film For Pallet Wrap Black Lldpe Stretch Wrap Pallet Plastic Film Black 17/20mic LLDPE Stretch Film For Shrink Wrap Colorful Stretch Film Wrap Film For Industry LLDPE Colorful Hand Stretch Film Wrap Film LLDPE Black Stretch Film Roll Pallet Film Black stretch film Color stretch film Machine with stretch film Colour LDPE Wrap Stretch Film with High Puncture Colorful PE Stretch Film Different Color of Stretch Wrap Film Hand Stretch Film Many Color for Selection Colorful Hand Use Stretch Film 

Mini Stretch Film

MINI Bundling Wrap Stretch Roll Mini Roll Hand Lldpe Stretch Film Mini Stretch Wrap Film 23MIC Film MINI Customizable Hand Roll Stretch Film Mini Wrap Stretch Film for Pallet Packing Mini Roll Stretch Film Lldpe Shrink Wrap Film Mini Roll LLDPE Stretch Film With Handle Protective Bundle film Lldpe Stretch Film Packing Film Wrap Handle Film Mini Rolls for Packaging Mini Roll Grade LLDPE Stretch Film for Packing Mini Bundling Handy Stretch Wrap Film 23 Micron Film High Quality LLDPE Stretch Film Extended Core Handle Plastic Bundling Stretch Film Mini Roll Stretch Film with Handle PE Handle Plastic Stretch Wrap Film LDPE Stretch Film for Warping Packing Manual Bundling Stretch Wrapping Film Packaging Stretch Wrap Film for Hand/Manual Use Mini Cast Stretch Film 20mic 2020 new type of mini stretch film 

LLDPE Wrap Film

LLDPE Stretch Film For Shrink Pallet LLDPE Pallet Wrap Stretch Film Stretch Film Of Hand And Machine Transparent Packaging Stretch Film LLDPE Film transparent stretch film for Wrap carton 100% Virgin New Raw Materilas Stretch LLDPE LLDPE stretch film with customized size Transparent LLDPE Cast Stretch Film for Pallet LLDPE stretch film for pallet packing clear hand film 6 rolls in a carton high transparent stretch film from 10mic to 40mic SY Handy Crystal packing Film 1200feet LLDPE Stretch Film Eco-Friendly 76mm Corediameter LLDPE Stretch Film Wrap Film Exonmobil Virgin Material LLDPE Stretch Film Wrap Film 100% Virgin Material Liner Low Density Stretch Film Wrap Film Excellent Tensile 4-200cm LLDPE Handle Rolls Stretch Film Strong Anti-Pressure 12-35mic LLDPE Stretch Film Strong Anti-Pressure 12-35mic LLDPE Handle Rolls Wrap Film best stretch film with handle 

18" Stretch Film

LLDPE Wrap Film For Furniture Wrap 18" LLDPE Wrap Film For Furniture Wrap LLDPE Stretch Film 50/60/70/80 Gauge and 18/20 Inch LLDPE Wrapping Stretch Film for Packaging High quality PE Stretch Film for pallet Quality Cast hand Use LLDPE Stretch Film Hand Using Stretch Film Plastic Wrapping Popular 100% New Raw LLDPE Material Pallet Wrapping LLDPE Stretch Warp LLDPE Stretch Film for wrap pallet 100% Virgin New Raw Materilas Stretch Pallet Wrap Hand Machine LLDPE PE Stretch Film 

20" Stretch Film

20 inch stretch film for wrap pallet primary packaging LLDPE stretch film Clear Hand Use Stretch Film Stretch Film LLDPE clear film Pallet Wrapping LLDPE Stretch Wrap Films 

Wrap Film

Hand Stretch Film For Packing Wrap Good Quality LLDPE Stretch Film For Pallet Design Wrap Film LLDPE Transparent Roll Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film Pallet LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film With High Quality LLDPE pallet wrap packaging transparent 

Pallet Film

Extend core stretch wrap film for wrap pallet Transparent LLDPE Hand Roll Stretch Film Pallet Shrink Wrap PE Film Transparent Stretch Film 

Cast Stretch Film

Packaging Usage Pallet Stretch Film PE Stretch Film Jumbo for Machine Use 500 Pallet Wrap Machine Stretch Film Design Warp Film LLDPE Transparent Jumbo Roll Stretch Film 

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