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How to purchase packaging tape quality


According to the application scope, it can be divided into warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film paper tape, winding film tape, sealing tape, module tape, etc.

According to market penetration rate: can be divided into ordinary tape, special tape.

According to the application environment temperature classification: can be divided into low temperature tape, normal temperature tape, high temperature tape.

According to the paste of the division: single-sided tape and double-sided tape.

How to purchase Packaging Tape quality

On the packaging, each manufacturer should have a very good standard, it can directly see your service attitude, so you should be careful Packing Tape quality of choose and buy, we are manufacturer of packing tape is one of the largest and most expensive on the market of choose and buy, first, more durable, second, you should be more quality, as long as try a few times can know his quality!

One: get the tape the first thing to do is to feel the hand sticky enough, can feel your requirements.

Two: put the tape on your nose and smell it.If the smell is smelly or very strong, it is not recommended to buy.

Three: the same specifications (refers to the length, width, thickness of a single layer of tape) first look at the thickness of a single layer of tape and tape resistance.Must choose resistance good.As to thickness should see buyer your choice.

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